MHHS Fight Song

Play It

Wave the banner for the Pirates,

the best team in the land.

With our flag of black and scarlet,

We lead our pirate band.

Rah! Rah! Rah!

We will cheer our team to victory,

We'll fight, fight, fight for you.

Wave again that dear old banner.

Come on Pirates, we're all for you!

Rah! Rah!


With our crew of flighting Pirates,

No mutiny in our ranks.

We will score for all shipmates,

Our foes will walk the plank,

Yo! - Ho!

As we scuttle all our rivals

And fill our Treasure Chest,

From the mast will fly our banner

For the Honor of MHHS.

Yo! - Ho!


Updated: 2/18/08